About Us:

The Cannon Club

The Club Membership
The Cannon Club is part of the Trust for Education of Young Musicians and is a 501(c)(3) ­non profit organization. All dues are tax deductible.

The Club
This club is about quiet and space: garden privacy, good drinks and camaraderie with those who love music and art.
its members have privilege, enjoying the historic gardens, the deck and rooms of the Inn

The privilege of making reservations for your own gatherings, lunches, dinner and meetings. Payment for all activities will be with credit card
enjoying the Inn’s privacy. Knowing that your club is not open to the public.
Evening Parking in front (When available).
Access to the Beach House. Book your private events(we can arrange parking there, up to thirty cars with valet)


Nurture Young Musical Talent


Access to Historic & Private Gardens


Enjoy Sublime Concert Experiences